Offer Your Affiliates An Easier Way To Get Paid

As an affiliate network owner, your affiliates will appreciate you offering Paxum as a payment option. Paxum is the preferred payment method for many Affiliate and Publishers worldwide, making your payment path even easier.

What are the benefits
Save money by using our Mass Payout Solution for all your affiliate payments. We support multiple payment options for your affiliates to choose from.
Mass Payouts
Mass Payouts
We offer you a way to simplify your payouts to affiliates that have a Paxum account. It's quick and easy!
  • Upload your instructions.
  • Let us take care of the payment.
  • Pay us after all your affiliates are paid!
Cost Savings
Cost Savings
An average affiliate network can save up to 30% on their banking fees by offering Paxum as the preferred payout method to its affiliates.
Easy Integration
Easy Integration
We offer multiple ways to send us your files with payees. Just login to your web-based portal and upload a CSV or XML file with all your payees. A seamless REST based API integration is also available.
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