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Payment API offers you direct payment processing capability. By integrating Payment API with your affiliates management software, you can accommodate your partners diversity payment methods (Prepaid Card, Check, WIRE), while working with a single provider that processes and manages all your online payments for you.

Payment API is:


  • Payment API lets you design and host your own affiliates/partner managing software
  • Payment system authorizes transactions in a real-time process

Easy to implement

  • The API is built using the Name-Value Pair infrastructure, an industry standard that utilizes web services
  • API documentation and coding samples lets you easily integrate the Payment API into your website/software


  • Transactions may be sent over the internet using Secure Socket Layer (SSL)

How it works

For each payment, Payment API takes the necessary information (from email address, to email address, amount, currency) as inputs. Within seconds, the API returns a confirmation that the transaction has been processed.

Integration instructions

Download the Payment API documentation and code samples:

Document Description PHP code samples to integrate with Payment API PHP code samples to integrate with Payment Acquiring API

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