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Appendix A - Response Codes

Code Description
00 Approved or Completed Successfully
03 Invalid Merchant
04 Invalid Acquiring Merchant
30 Format Error
51 Not Sufficient Funds
52 Single Transaction Limit Amount Exceeded
53 Daily Transaction Limit Amount Exceeded
54 Monthly Transaction Limit Amount Exceeded
55 Incorrect PIN
56 Daily Transaction Limit Number Exceeded
57 Monthly Transaction Limit Number Exceeded
58 Transaction Not Permitted
66 API Method Disabled
67 API Disabled
IP Invalid Payee
IA Invalid Account ID
IT Invalid Transaction ID
IM Invalid Method Name
IS Invalid Subscription ID
P5 Currency Conversion Error
83 Cancel Subscription
88 File Upload Failed
89 Request Money
99 Not Implemented Yet
UA Unverified Account
13 System Error
NM Name Doesn't Match
BM Business Name Doesn't Match
EF First Name Empty
EL Last Name Empty
EP Empty Phone
ID Invalid Address ID
EA Account Type Empty
ED Address Empty
3D Address Format Error
PO PO Box Not Allowed
EC Empty City
ES Empty State
3S State Format Error
EZ Postal Code / ZIP Empty
3C Country Format Error
ET Address Status ID Empty
3T Address Status ID Format Error
CT Address Not Confirmed
IK Invalid Currency
IC Invalid Card ID
PC Primary Card
IY Invalid Card Type
IN Invalid Card Number
IV Invalid CCV
CC Card Not Confirmed
DE Document Expired
IB Invalid Bank Account
PB Primary Bank Account
3I IBAN Format Error
EB Empty Bank Account
3B Bank Account Format Error
EW Empty Bank SWIFT
ER Empty Bank Routing Number
EN Empty Bank Name
CB Bank Account Not Confirmed
IF Invalid Frequency
AS Ambiguous Subscription Termination
IU Invalid Username
IW Invalid Password
MA API Maintenance
MT Transfer Funds Maintenance
MM Mass Transfer Funds Maintenance
MS Subscription Maintenance
MC Card Maintenance
MB Bank Account Maintenance
CC Card Not Confirmed
90 Unauthorized Access
91 Unauthorized Mobile Device
NE Name On Card Empty
CE Expiration Date Empty
PL Exceeded Payroll Limit
3M Invalid Email Format
EE Email Exists
EI IDN Empty
BI IDN Birthday Format
FI IDN Format
CT Invalid Citizenship
IO Invalid Ocupation
3O Operator Code Format Error
PI Invalid Politicaly View
PC Invalid Phone Country Code
IH Invalid Shipping Method
DT Invalid Document Type
EF Empty File
IX Invalid File Type
3Y Invalid Phone Type
IR Invalid Card Program
14 Bank Account's Currency Not Supported