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Transaction History

Transaction History

Field Name Len Type Req Ver Comments
method N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 transactionHistory
fromEmail N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 The email address used during login
accountId N/A Num -- 1.0 The ID of the account (optional, if ommited all balances are returned)
fromDate N/A Date -- 1.0 Start date of the statement (yyyy-mm-dd)
toDate N/A Date -- 1.0 End date of the statement (yyyy-mm-dd)
reference N/A Alp-Num -- 1.0 The internal payer's ID used to recognize the transaction
pageSize N/A Num -- 1.0 Number of results per page (optional, default = 10; if pageSize > 100 default = 100)
pageNumber N/A Num -- 1.0 Which page to be returned (optional, default = 1)
key N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 MD5(sharedSecret + *accountId + fromDate + toDate +*reference + *pageSize + *pageNumber)
(*if optional variables are missing, they should be left out of the key construction)

This request is responded by a message with the following content:

Field Name Len Type Mdt Ver Comments
ResponseCode N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 The response code; 00 = Success;
ResponseDescription N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 Human readable response
Fee N/A Real Yes 1.0 Fee for the current transaction
Results N/A Num Yes 1.1 Total of results
PageSize N/A Num Yes 1.1 Results per page
PageNumber N/A Num Yes 1.1 Page Number
Transaction/ TransactionId N/A Num Yes 1.0 The unique ID of the transaction
Transaction/ TransactionTypeId N/A Num Yes 1.0 Type of the transaction (see Appendix B - Transaction Types)
Transaction/ TransactionDate N/A Date Yes 1.0 The date of the transaction
Transaction/ Amount N/A Real Yes 1.0 The amount of the transaction
Transaction/ Currency 3 Apl Yes 1.0 The Currency Code
Transaction/ Description N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.0 The description of the transaction
Transaction/ Reference N/A Alp-Num Yes 1.1 The internal payer's ID used to recognize the transaction
Balance N/A Num Yes 1.1 The amount after transaction
Reversible 1 Num Yes 1.1 0 = not reversible
1 = reversible

Request Sample:

Response Sample

<?xml version="1.0"?>
    <ResponseDescription>Approved or Completed Successfully</ResponseDescription >
    <TransactionDate>2010-10-17 14:33:20</TransactionDate>
    <Description>POS Purchase Markham ON CA</Description>

Working Sample(s):