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Got Questions?

  • What is a Prepayment Account?

    Prepayment Account is information based account which shows which invoices have been purchased and paid by Paxum and is now owed to Paxum.

  • What is a Prepayment Limit?

    Prepayment Limit shows the amount of money Paxum is willing to pay for Invoices presented to you for payment.

  • How much is my Prepayment Limit?

    You can view your Prepayment Limit inside your account when you log-in.
    On the Overview page simply scroll down to the Prepayment Account section and you will see an entry labelled "Prepayment Limit".
    The number next to it is the maximum total amount of money Paxum will pay for all your invoices.

  • How can I increase my Prepayment Limit?

    We understand that growth occurs in business and that you may need to settle a greater number or higher ticket value of payee invoices over time.
    If you find you need an increase to your automatically designated prepayment limit, simply contact us through the Message Center of your account and request a review, explaining your circumstances.
    We may ask for additional information or documentation from you in order to support your request for a higher credit limit. All requests will be responded to, and reviewed based on a variety of factors.

  • I have a brand new account. How long until I can ask for my Prepayment Limit to be increased?

    Typically we would hope to see at least 90 days use of the account before making any changes. However, we can also be flexible when presented with supporting information and documentation. Please contact us through the Message Center of your account to open a dialogue.

  • When do I have to pay Paxum for the invoices paid by Paxum?

    On the 5th and 20th of each calendar month Paxum will automatically generate an invoice for all payee invoices that have been factored and settled in the previous period. Payment to Paxum is due within 5 business days of invoice generation.
    You will receive an email notification when the invoice is generated, and an alert will be placed inside your account to indicate you have an Unpaid Invoice to Paxum.
    Clients can arrange for Paxum to automatically collect payment for generated invoices directly from a specified USA Bank account.
    Clients that elect to use the Collection Service will be notified upon invoice generation and payment.
    No further action will be necessary. You can also generate an invoice manually at any time by clicking "PAY DUE BALANCE" on your main screen next to the Prepayment Account Balance.

  • How much does Paxum's Prepayment Service cost?

    Paxum will charge your business account only $1.00 for each invoice Paxum prepays.

  • What happens if I can't pay my Paxum invoice by the due date?

    If you are unable to make payment for a Due Invoice within the specified time-frame then your account will automatically become Limited.
    This means you will need to settle the outstanding invoice and contact our support team before the limit is lifted and you can proceed with active use of your account.
    Please note, repeat offences of delayed payment may result in a penalized prepayment limit.