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About Us

Paxum Inc is a multi-award winning Canadian company that provides payment processing services to US Business by receiving payment, as their agent, from clients worldwide. Serving clients since 2007, Paxum Inc offers bulk payments via CSV/XML upload and through a REST API that can be fully integrated with clients systems.

Payments are conducted via a secure platform that offers the highest level of encryption available. In addition, payments can only be sent to registered clients inside Paxum. This helps reduce fraud risk since payments will only be sent to persons authenticated with a Picture ID and Proof of Address.

When using Paxum services US Businesses will also enjoy improved cashflow as they can use Paxum to pre-pay invoices and then, afterwards, settle to Paxum. This prepayment service works quickly and has low fees.

Paxum Inc services are available to worldwide individuals and companies, and we hope you will consider using our payment processing services to make your payments more efficient, secure and costeffective.