Why Choose Paxum For Mass Payouts?

Paxum mass payout solution was designed with the discerning Corporate Clients' needs in mind. Fast, efficient, secure and cost effective.

Cost Effective
Low transaction fees, free monthly maintenance!
Worldwide Coverage
95% coverage throughout the world's correspondent banking network
EFT Transfers
Local Bank Payments to 50+ Countries in 20+ currencies
Multiple Payout Options
We offer wires, local bank transfers, bank card fundings, debit cards, cash payouts.
Payout Methods
Enhance your customers experience by offering instant payouts:
P2P Transfers

Send money instantly to other Paxum account holders with a click of a button. All you need is their email address. Thats it!

Flexible Communication
Fast. Easy. Secure.
A seamless REST API integration to automate mass payouts directly from your internal systems.
Web Interface
An easy-to-use online portal to send global mass payments by uploading a CSV or XML file with all your recipients.
Success stories
Ready to open an account?
Our account creation process is very straightforward.
Simply fill out our online forms and be pre-approved within 24 hours.