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Got Questions?

  • How can I pay invoices?

    If you owe money for a service or a product to another Paxum user, just follow these simple steps:

    1. Proceed to PAYEE DETAILS at the top menu and enter the payee information.
    2. Payee will generate and send you an invoice to pay. All such invoices will appear in your RECEIVED INVOICES under INVOICES menu.
    3. As part of the Factoring Agreement with the Payee, Paxum will purchase the invoice from the Payee and instantly pay for it from own funds.
    4. As part of the Factoring Agreement with the Payee, Paxum now owns the claim and presents the invoice from the Payee to you to be paid to Paxum.
    5. Your prepayment account will be debited with the amount of the invoice Paxum paid to your payee
    6. Pay your invoice to Paxum for all invoices Paxum paid to your Payees
  • How quickly will my payee invoices be paid?


  • Who can I pay?

    You can pay your affiliates and publishers worldwide for the services and products they provided to you.

  • In what currencies can I pay my invoices?

    Paxum can accept all your Payee invoices in USD currency.
    All payments are settled in USD currency only.

  • Where can I see paid invoices?

    At any time you can review your history of paid invoices to Payees or Paxum in the Invoices section of your account. Also you can view your Prepayment Account statement for all payments that have been paid by Paxum to your Payees.
    All details are exportable in CSV or PDF format.

  • What do I do if the Payee Invoices I need to settle total an amount greater then my Prepayment Limit?

    Talk to us!
    We are here to serve our clients needs so when your company is growing and you need to settle larger Payee Invoices, or a higher volume of them, we are ready to listen and we'll do what we can to assist your growth.